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Not getting where we want, but never forgetting the power of existing with

Below I describe the practical-artistic process that resulted in my monograph. 

It is in this painting from September 2020 that the balloon appears for the first time in my artistic practice.

Text I wrote at the time I did the work:

The work "Random Predictability: Breathing" is the most recent result of what I have been researching in visual arts. Below is a summary of what I have been researching:

My research in visual arts has as its central point investigating the relationships and questions that can be constructed within the area of visual arts with Edgar Morin's complexity theory. Within this, I cultivate topological propositions that explore the use of forms, thinking about topology, (not necessarily topological spaces, but the idea of topology that is based on continuity) together with the relationship that is built with the other, the one that interacts with the proposition of in order to reframe and extrapolate neoconcretist ideas.


(Click on the image for more details about the proposition)

Random predictability: breathing
Acrylic paint, acrylic putty, sandpaper and balloon on canvas
100 x 100 cm


In this photograph from December 2021, I begin to think in a more organized way about the balloon as a body, which we give life to by filling it with saliva.

Text I wrote at the time I did the work:

Inflate a balloon
Take a pot full of soil
Plant the balloon
Watch him die

How do you coexist?
Digital photography
Vase, earth and balloon

40 x 58 cm



In this work from February 2021, I bring the balloon back to the frame, but I start to think about removing the chassis and my work begins to gain more three-dimensionality and detach itself from the frame shape.

Text I wrote at the time I did the work:

How co-existing do you feel now? I don't even know if it's how, but maybe where. I've been feeling co-existing with the grass, which is always there, sometimes stepped on, sunbathed, rained on. The grass is not external to me, it is part of me and I feel that my connection allows me to coexist, without repressing it.

This proposition is just a record, it needs the transforming agent (people), the images are just a daydream of color possibilities, not considering the absence of a balloon or the presence of more than one, much less the variations in size.  


(here I write about how I imagine this work displayed) There are colored balloons in a box on the floor and you can choose the color balloon(s) you want to replace the current balloon. You can just look, fill, don't fill, fill a little, fill until it bursts... Your saliva, your excretions, the air you breathe, our effort, our failure, the duct tape, the balloon. How co-existing do you feel now?


(Click on the image for more details about the proposition)

It went wrong (?) but I fixed it with duct tape and saliva
Acrylic, balloons and silver tape
100 x 100 cm


Vertical_overview balloons1.png

In this installation from March 2021, balloons appear more clearly as bodies that can be transformed by air and our bodily fluids. 

Text I wrote at the time I did the work:

The balloon may be unnatural,
but he well
resembles a plant.
It expands with our excretions
It is
feed on
our time,
the air that
we don't breathe

(Click on the image for more details about the proposition)

Coexist or die?

Balloons, saliva, neodymium magnets, duct tape, alcohol gel, scissors, scalpel, ruler, glass, acrylic box, wooden holder.

Variable dimensions



During the writing of the article for my final work, this proposition was together with À Tratar and Membranas Evidenciadoras. However, I decided that the article would be better explored if I kept only the propositions that involved balloons.

The proposition What are we going to do? consists of the production of posters printed on 75g/m2 offset paper, in size A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) and A4 (21 x 29.7), which have been distributed throughout the city of Curitiba since June 2021. To date on December 9, 2021, posters were placed on two trees in Praça Santos Andrade and Praça Padre Albino Vico; on the mural of the Dom Pedro II building on the UFPR Rectory campus; in a bank in Praça Osório and in a bank in Rua XV; at Tuboteca do tudo Pinheirinho in Praça Rui Barbosa.

(Click on the image for more details about the proposition)

What do we do?

29.7 x 42 cm
offset printing 75g/m²



The idea of sending postcards as a proposition developed precisely in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, at the beginning of 2021, as a way of producing relational proposals without leaving home. Furthermore, it brings another layer to my work, as it makes the intimate space more apparent in my poetics, in which I realize that one of the ways of dealing with the operational concept I propose (coexistentializing) and contemporary art is through the rescue of singular actions, in direct contact with the other, assuming the role of phenomenologist in the propositions in a way that coexistence is necessary for the proposal to exist.

(Click on the image for more details about the proposition)

Until it burst

10.8 x 14.8 cm

Red balloons and matte coated printing 250g/m2

2021 - 2022


The “Evidence Membranes” proposal has an evidentiary nature, while the balloons filled by me, in my room, and then thrown out the window, show the relationship between the intimate space and the collective space in a way that does not separate them, but integrates them. them visually and sensorially. When throwing balloons with fluids into the street, I think about the double coexistence relationship, because at the same time that my fluids are inside the balloon, evidenced by a membrane and coexisting with the street air and the air in my house, they are also coexisting with my own fluids, since I'm breathing indoors. When the balloons were thrown out the window, many people interacted. Some kicked, played, others popped, others looked out of their apartment windows and some children picked up the balloons to take with them.

(Click on the image for more details about the proposition)

Disclosing membranes

Balloons and body fluids


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