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Balloons and body fluids

I work part of the project "Not getting where we want, but never forgetting the power of feeling with"

The Membranas Evidenciadoras proposal consisted of inflating approximately 300 balloons (the number of balloons was considered to occupy a room of approximately 16m2) which were then thrown out the window of my room, which is on the seventh floor of a building in the center of Curitiba.

When we fill a balloon with our excretions, we are bringing this thing to life, providing a sensory dimension to this thing so that we can interact with it and it becomes evident, it co-exists. Furthermore, for a thing to be coexistenced, it is not enough to perceive it as an object, but to perceive it in a way that configures itself as haecceity: “Thesehaecceities they are not what we perceive, since in the world of fluid space there are no objects of perception. They are, on the contrary, what we perceive with.” (INGOLD, p.143, 2015). The concepthaecceities, from the perspective of Deluze and Guattari, is an individuation different from all others, an individuation without a subject where everything “is a relationship of movement and rest between molecules or particles, the power to affect and be affected.” (DELEUZE; GUATTARI, p. 47, 2012b). Therefore, in order to coexist, it is necessary to perceive with haecceities, that is, to perceive with movement so that this perception is sensorial. Filling balloons with our excreted particles is a way of perceiving with movement.

revealing membranes

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