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Academic education

Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Federal University of Paraná

Laureate for best student. 2017-2022

Scientific Initiation (PIBIC) “Institutional activism, artistic practices and radical education during Brazilian redemocratization.” with guidance from professor Dr. Fabrícia Cabral de Lira Jordão, 2019 – 2020

Permanent Development and Experimentation Project in Visual Arts at SESC Paço da Liberdade

Eight months of weekly meetings lasting 3 hours between the ten artists selected by the project. The conversations took place under the guidance of the artist William Machado.

MMarch 2018 to January 2019.

Artist selected by CUBIC 3 – University Circuit of the Curitiba International Biennial

Four months of training with workshops, debates and a final exhibition at the 12th Curitiba International Biennial


July to November 2017.

Participation in events/congresses

PIOVEZAN, T.K.M. Balloons as operational devices for the artistic practice of coexistence. 1st Seminar I want to put my body on the street: public art between spaces, poetry and resistance. 2022. Oral presentation.

PIOVEZAN, T.K.M. The artistic practice ofcoexist: not getting where we want, but never forgetting the power offeel with. VIII Body, Gender and Sexuality Seminar, IV International Body, Gender and Sexuality Seminar and IV Luso-Brazilian Education in Sexuality, Gender, Health and Sustainability. 2022. Oral presentation.

Experience in the field of visual arts

Caixa Cultural Curitiba
Art educator

February 2020 - August. 2020

Presenter of the workshop “Something to say – LGBT+ issues and ceramics”

Workshop promoted by the Extension Project “Common Spaces: Artistic Practices in Ceramics”, 2019.

Lecturer of the workshop “From color theory to practice in visual identification”

at SESC Paço da Liberdade, 2019.

Scholarship holder of the UFPR Extension Project “The Artist at UFPR"

coordinated by Tânia Bloomfield,

May to December 2020.

UFPR Extension Project Scholarship “Common spaces: Artistic practices in ceramics - 2nd edition”

coordinated by Isabelle Catucci da Silva, May to December 2019.

Volunteer as mediator in the exhibitions “People in Movement” and “MSF in the field”

of Doctors without Borders, at Sesc Paço da Liberdade, 2019.

Extension course “Color practice: History, science and art”

with Lilian Gassen, 2015. 

Course “Color: perception and expression”

with Marco Gianotti, 2017.

Pocket Workshop with Tony Camargo, 2018.

Experience in the field of design for companies

Freelancer - Gaia Lands

Creation of visual identities, printed graphic materials (postcards, business cards, flyers, etc.), websites (wix and wordpress), briefing and UX/UI design.

January 2020 - current

Wefix Connect
Development of visual identities, printed graphic materials (packaging, stickers, folders, prints for t-shirts, business cards, etc.), content design for social networks and advertisements, design for websites, production and editing of videos focused on social networks ( Youtube and Instagram).

March 2023 - September 2023

Expansion Agency

Development of visual identities, printed graphic materials, content design for social networks and advertisements, website design, production and editing of videos focused on social networks and advertisements.

January 2021 - October 2022

Thallyta Piovezan is autistic, artist-educator, graphic designer and bachelor in visual arts from UFPR (2017-2022). She currently resides in São Paulo/SP and researches the relationships between performative pedagogy and critical education regarding speciesism.

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