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10.8 x 14.8 cm
Red balloons and matte coated printing 250g/m2

until it burst

I work part of the project "Not getting where we want, but never forgetting the power of feeling with"


The idea of sending postcards as a proposition developed precisely in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, at the beginning of 2021, as a way of producing relational proposals without leaving home. Furthermore, it brings another layer to my work, as it makes the intimate space more apparent in my poetics, in which I realize that one of the ways of dealing with the operational concept I propose (coexistentializing) and contemporary art is through the rescue of singular actions, in direct contact with the other, assuming the role of phenomenologist in the propositions in a way that coexistence is necessary for the proposal to exist.

Proposing that a balloon be inflated until it bursts consists of provoking reflection on the usefulness of the balloon, as a balloon is inflated with the intention that it will not burst to serve as decoration or for some other similar purpose. In this way, I propose the question about why inflate a balloon until it bursts, so that this question is configured precisely in the action of doing something that serves no purpose. Therefore, this “being of no use” questions the way we live, how we feel, how we relate to the world, and here the key word, how we coexist in the world.

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