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Not getting where we want, but never forgetting the power of feeling with

Through the development and reflection on my poetic production, I propose the operational concept of coexistence, where I integrate questions about how we are and how we relate in the world and the need for action to highlight coexistence in what we do not perceive as a container of a coexisting character. To this end, I use balloons as devices for artistic practice and report the process of developing the works in order to reflect on how the materiality of balloons relates to coexistence.

During the development of this research, I realized a very strong existential issue in my artistic practice. This question permeates how we are living in society and relating to nature and which gained dimension from the compression of the thoughts of anthropologist Tim Ingold, from whom I borrow the notion of space and meshwork that I relate to my artistic practice to support the concept of coexistence.

How we relate to others, to otherness, to space, made me seek connections with the proposer Lygia Clark, taking into account the interactive nature of her proposals, more specifically directly relating my work to “Baba Antropofágica” (1973 ), considering the bodily fluids and the Body without Organs that are highlighted in this proposition and are also present in my work with balloons. Considering Suely Rolnik's interpretation of the kind of Body without Organs that is formed with the saliva of the aforementioned proposition, I establish a relationship between the practice of coexistence with the concept of BwO explored by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari.

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