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29.7 x 42 cm
offset printing 75g/m²

what do we do?

When I ask myself “what are we going to do?”, I immediately put myself in the role of a phenomenologist of the imagination¹, since the questions need an object with which they relate; no question exists without an object. The other, alterity, is an intrinsic part of this experience, not only as a passive being, but is also required as a phenomenologist. This object that does not belong to me, but belongs to the other, allows us to coexist.


1. As Gaston Bachelard describes in his book Poetics of Space: “The phenomenologist focuses on things in another way; precisely, he focuses on the image as it is, as the poet created it and tries to make it his own, tries to nourish himself with this rare fruit; takes the image at the very frontier of what he can imagine.” (BACHELARD, 1993, p.163)

BACHELARD, G. The poetics of space. São Paulo: Martins Fontes, 1993.

Posters spread across the city of Curitiba at the moment:

Santos Andrade Square
Dom Pedro II Building Mural, Rectory
Padre Albino Vico Square

Bank in Praça Osório and bank in Rua XV

Tuboteca do tudo Pinheirinho in Praça Rui Barbosa

The proposal is in process and is not expected to be finalized.

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