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Acrylic, balloons and silver tape
100 x 100 cm


How co-existing do you feel now? I don't even know if it's how, but maybe where. I've been feeling co-existing with the grass, which is always there, sometimes stepped on, sunbathed, rained on. The grass is not external to me, it is part of me and I feel that my connection allows me to coexist, without repressing it.

This proposition is just a record, it needs the transforming agent (people), the images are just a daydream of color possibilities, not considering the absence of a balloon or the presence of more than one, much less the variations in size.  


Here I write about how I imagine this work displayed:

There are colored balloons in a box on the floor and you can choose the color balloon(s) you want to replace the current balloon. You can just look, fill, don't fill, fill a little, fill until it bursts... Your saliva, your excretions, the air you breathe, our effort, our failure, the duct tape, the balloon. How co-existing do you feel now?

It went wrong (?) but I fixed it with duct tape and saliva

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