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August 23, 2019
Of Arts
Creams for atopic dermatitis and sandpaper
Duration: approximately 20 minutes.

The action consisted of applying cream to sandpaper with your fingers.

There are some sandpaper piled up and several skin lotions clustered on the floor of the showroom. I go up the stairs to the showroom wearing a top and boxer shorts that are a very similar tone to my skin. I sit behind the small pile of sandpaper and pick up one. After that, I take one of the cream bottles and deposit a small amount on the sandpaper, spreading it over the entire surface of the sandpaper with the fingers of my right hand. I stand up and place the sandpaper upright behind me. Then I go back and repeat the process. I can notice red spots on my body, especially in the folds of my arms and on my face. The rhythm and way I put the cream on the sandpaper changes as I carry out the action. I have a serious, monotonous expression, focusing on the process, which is tiring. At some point I realize that my fingers are bleeding due to the friction with the sandpaper surface and I start to make more gentle movements so it doesn't hurt so much. When I completed the eighth sandpaper, I get up and place the sandpaper next to the others as I had done before. There are two rows with 4 sandpapers each vertically. I lie down next to the sandpaper and stay for a while, breathing deeply. Then I get up, collect each of the sandpapers and leave the same way I came in.

on the verge of recurrence

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