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Work in process

Work being developed together with the Whenonde Collaborative Creations Group and Espaço Psi.Encena.

So far, a postcard (10 x 15cm) has been created with a photograph on the front with a matte lamination finish and text on the back. 


To receive the postcard, simply contactclicking here.


On 09/10/2022 I moved the earth and it moved me. It was a very intense contact, I saw meaning in life, something that often doesn't happen. After all, is there meaning or are there meanings? Would it be a kind of way of being guided by the senses? Hear, touch, see, taste, be affected.


The earth told me that I needed to play, play at connecting, feeling, seeking. She told me to fight, not fall into methodologies that produce alienated minds. But I still haven't figured out how.


Pachamama, our mother earth, is always with me. In fact, it's what keeps us alive (even when we feel a little dead inside). Why don't we notice it? I would say that the answer lies in concerns about achieving consumption ideals. Buy a car, buy a house, buy an experience. Everything was capitalized, even our desires. How can we escape this immense veil that covers us? As?


For me it took more than 500 km away. I was already in the process of reviving my senses, but the process of spatial displacement ripped the cotton wool from my ears and the gloves from my hands. I am still very much dressed in illusions, but I continue to undress with great pain. Every time I don't recognize myself, I need to rebuild myself in the same way that a little clay becomes shapeless again when it no longer configures itself as a vase. What is left, if not the clay that can be anything?


I arrived at an apartment with a jabuticabeira almost dying and I needed to move the soil. It was in this act that I felt a strength. The strength of mother earth. Like gravity, it was there. I stop and feel gravity not letting me float, like the earth.


I propose that we touch the earth with our bodies, with whatever parts of our bodies we can. What do you feel when you touch the earth, does it touch you again?

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