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Our space: rethinking our relationships with space and non-human beings

August 12, 2023
Praça da Nascente
Sao Paulo-SP
Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

Photos of
Eduarda Moliner

The performance “Our space: rethinking our relationships with space and non-human beings” took place on August 12, 2023 in a small space within Praça das Nascentes in São Paulo/Brazil and consisted of three stages: 1. relate- if with the space considering the sensorial sensations during the corporal relationship; 2. interact with each of my cats and observe their perspectives of the same space; 3. After the first two experiences, relate to the same space again and pay attention to how our interrelationship has changed.

I consider the concept of space by geographer Doreen Massey, who believes that “space does not exist before identities/entities and their relationships” (MASSEY, 2018, p. 30). Therefore, space is constructed during our contact with it.


I was able to observe how this intense experience could be a way of rethinking our relationships with non-human animals, as I realized how my cats related to space and how I could relate to them in a new way.

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