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Project briefing:


The project consisted of creating a visual identity and two landing pages to launch a course focused on accountants who want to work with digital creators.




The logo was developed to communicate an idea of journey/path with a finishing point (the 10k) in mind. For this, a curvilinear line was used to symbolize a route with a finishing point formed by a larger point.

Asset 8.png
Logo Jornada_3_3x.png


The typography chosen is simple and elongated as a reference to the dynamism and innovation present in the digital market.

Drink Neue Regular

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a B C D E F G H I J K L M N O p Q R S t U v w x y z


Color palette

The color palette was defined to attract accountants interested in the digital market. Orange was chosen because it brings the dynamism and innovation of the digital segment. Black was chosen for the solidity and seriousness of the accounting area. The second colors were chosen to maintain the protagonism of black and orange.

Main colors



Supporting colors



Web site

Development of a landing page interface and implementation in the Elementor Pro.

Journey 0 to 10K.png
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