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Project brief:


The project consisted of creating a visual identity, content for Instagram and a website for a portal for accountants specialized in the infoproducts market.




The symbol was developed to communicate an idea of connecting and sharing. It is composed of an icon traditionally linked to the act of sharing in the center and three curvilinear shapes around it that refer to the globe.

Asset 5_3x.png


The typography chosen is simple with rounded edges, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the portal.

Louis George Cafe

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Color palette

The color palette was defined to attract a young audience interested in the dynamics of social networks. Blue brings seriousness and solidity and orange brings characteristics of innovation and youthfulness. The second colors were chosen to maintain the protagonism of blue and orange.

Main colors



Second colors



Arts for Instagram:

Web site

Development of interface design and implementation in Elementor Pro:

CCI Portal.png
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