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Module 2: Living space - 5 collections of objects

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Balloon collection

I've been saving these balloons since March 2021. Some of them are from a proposal I carried out and others are balloons that I've been asking people to blow up.  

Some of the balloons have deflated to the point of tearing, others are still quite large. By collecting these balloons, I am keeping the fluidic remains of people, allowing the coexistence of this air with fluids, ancient, with current air. I think that a balloon inflated a year ago brings a relationship of coexistence between past and present. 

Yarn collection

These wires belong to my mother. Due to osteoarthritis in her hands, she stopped crocheting and knitting, something I never managed to learn. Even though I have good manual skills, crochet and knitting were two things that I never got very good at and I ended up giving up on continuing to learn.  

During the process of photographing the threads, I began to perceive them as a form of city, in which the lines become entangled and seem to come to life, as if each one were part of a network, in accordance with the sociologist's concept of human network. Norbert Elias (1994)*.

*ELIAS, Norbert.The society of Individuals. Organized by Michael Schoröter; translation, Vera Ribeiro; technical review and notes, Renato Janine Ribeiro. Rio de Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Ed., 1994.

Mask collection

I have been saving the masks that I use during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the cloth ones, used at the beginning of the pandemic. These masks carry saliva, old breath, fear of contamination and a conflict between isolation and sharing.

Coin collection

These coins are from 1 Cruzeiro, from 1972, and began to be saved by my grandfather Germano Piovezan. My father continued to save these coins, and after his death, these coins remained with me. Most of the coins are BC (well preserved, according to the terminology used by collectors), not having much monetary value. Photographing all these coins made me think about the temporal dimension, as they are coins that my grandfather kept and that are now with me. My grandfather passed away when I was 3 years old and I only have these memories of him.

Collection of memories